Screen burn on a 5 inch HDMI

  • I bought this 5" display and have it configured mostly OK. One thing I've noticed is there is a very noticeable image 'burn' when it's been on a certain screen for a while. It doesn't even have to be very long - even 30 seconds on a menu and there will be a faint outline of it once closed.

    It always disappears eventually but it's very distracting. I know it can't be real screen burn like on the old monitors we used to use.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think I have a faulty unit or is it a known issue? Is there any setting I could change that might help?

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    @username yeah I have a 7' HDMI screen and it does the same thing... cheap quality I guess

  • Normal behaviour when the screen has a low quality and creates to much temp.

    You have 3 possible ways

    1. buy one which has a better quality
    2. deal with it
    3. find a solution to compensate the temp.

    Kind regards

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