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    @stigzler I will rewrite a Rest API from scratch in golang.
    You will be able to manage your recalbox by requesting http endpoints.
    In .net you can use Json.NET to serialize/deserialize a json object.
    For exemple you want get a list of roms for one system :
    1- Make a http request GET http://recalbox/api/system/nes/roms
    2- You will obtain the response in json:

         "title":"super mario",
         "title":"super mario all stars",

    And your C# object :

    List<Rom> romList = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<Rom>>(requestResult) // Not sure that work like this

    Currently nothing is available but the first step with the api its to :

    • Manage rom (Upload, download, listing with hash etc..)
    • Manage bios
    • Manage system

    Off course I will add feature during the developpement like restart ES etc...
    If you want a specific feature you can open a new issue here https://gitlab.com/MikaXII/recalbox-api/issues :).

  • @mikaxii - Nice one! I'll wait for it being developed more.

    I'll still have a bit of reading to do though! Like, for example - that json.net - is that a library that I'd include in my .net winforms project (i.e. it'll deploy with a Json .dll file).

    Looks cool though!

  • Updates:
    Program Menu shortcuts
    User settings file included in log

    Launches as highest available UAC
    Fixed 'doh' updater bug >.<

    Added reset gameslist.xml
    Added Install Fan script (when adding new drive)

    Included dotnetbrowser error catch

    Include readme as per dotnetbrowser requirements.

    Updated dotnetbrowser license
    Added RecalBox Running status indicator to bottom bar
    Added Second explorer window to the file explorer - easier file management

  • RecalBoxER V1.1.0

    Big Update!
    ROM drag and drop adds game to database.
    You can now edit a game's metadata, including images, from RecalBoxER rather than in recalbox
    Can drag and drop images from the built in browser to the game image or drag and drop image file form file browser.
    Now auto adds game's metadata to recalbox folders that contain gamefiles (e.g. Psx + Dreamcast)
    System Game scraping via SSelph Scraper - full parameters control in settings.
    Individual game scraping system via GamesDB

    Video in action:

    (P.S. I tried to update my original first post, but can't find any edit option - is it not there? Secondly, there's no way to embed youtube in post? Love RecalBox, but not so sure about the forum software!)

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    Hi @stigzler,
    Nice work, your UI aren't overloaded of buttons and it was pretty clean :).
    No one can update his post after a few minutes to avoid somes "bullshits" : you said some bullshit you assumed after that ^^.

    For the embeded video its a good point, we already test in the past a plugin to have embeded link but it literally crashed the forum when somethings went wrong.

    But I found a lighter plugin for youtube embeded I'll add it for the next forum update

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    This post is deleted!

  • First thank you for this great tool.
    Sorry if this is a noob question.... it is possible to change the core and emulator, they are always disabled

  • @gvsouza I don't understand your question

  • @stigzler


    I mean the fields, emulator and core, i can't type in it, am i doing something wrong or they are disabled

    thank you

  • @gvsouza - yes - they're read only - there for info

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