Getting an Error Message Trying To Update

  • i have a real question. i have two sd cards, one for all my playstaion games and the other for the rest of the systems. one sd card when i try to update. i get this an Error Occurred - Downloaded and every time i turn it on it tells me i have a update but i get that message, i'm just really confused about it, and wondering if there is a fix. if not i'm going to have to redo everything and do a fresh install

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    @realazyria Hi,

    Can you go to http://recalbox/help then create a support archive and post it ?

  • @oyyodams like this? this is the first time i'm doing a real support thing that for something i can't find info online first.

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    @realazyria Thanks. Can you open a root session to your RPI, and enter this command please: bash -x /recalbox/scripts/upgrade/ canupgrade

    What is the result ?

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    @RealAzyria First, as @rockaddicted said on the chat, please make some place on your share partition.

  • @oyyodams first i do have room on that. i have gigabytes left. and i didn't see him see that because i was sleeping

  • Hi,

    I was facing the same issue.

    The reason:

    GUI shows 98% of free space, but this is only on ROM directory.

    To see the real occupation in all share directory, you need to go to command line and perform command "df -h".

    By this I could see that disk was full.

    After delete some roms was possible to successfully update.

    Hope that this info helps.



  • Root has a percentage of free space reserved.

    Login as root via ssh
    Password is recalboxroot

    Run df -h
    If it shows the size for "Available" as being "0" and "Use" as 100%, but "Used" is < "Size"...

    Run dumpe2fs /dev/mmcblk0p3 | grep -i reserved
    This will prove the space is reserved.

    Now that space was reserved for the root user so to reclaim that space, run
    tune2fs -m 0 /dev/mmcblk0p3

    Now the root user can run out of space and there are some possible problematic issues that could occur, but you can use your full capacity.

    Warning: This should only be performed by power users who are not afraid of the command line and understand the commands they are running.

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