Recalbox 7.0

Playing Doom and Quake

  • Hi, I've seen people play Doom and Quake with similar Distros such as Retropie, is it possible to do it with Recalbox? and how can I do it?

  • PrBoom-libretro is integrated to the next recalbox's version. So you will can play to doom 1, doom2 and associated mods. But I don't think than Quake will be added.

  • But if it is to integrate them in your "retrogear" project, a recalbox at 150$, you can do the work yourself ;D

  • I guess my RetroGear project has gotten some nasty critique for it, even being sold. I can understand the sentiments. But when a small recalbox project suddenly gained attention of gamers, I was suddenly asked to market and sell it because there is a big community of people who want to play, but don't want to make it. There's mark ups for everything, space to sell it being the primary cost, sdcard, packaging, casing, power adapter. In the end I don't make a lot for the cost that I put in just to experiment with different hardware.  I hope the recalbox community can understand and I will be contributing back to maker Retroboy when I have  recouped my losses.

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    Now that you are here, here is what is criticized : If i read all the question i took time to answer, most of them were in order to rebrand or hide the recalbox brand... (i'm thinking about and ) If you presented your project frankly and with an open attitude, i would have said to you that it is a good idea, and if you sell it only in your country, i would have supported your project, as you would have sell a "retrogear powered with recalboxOS". In place of that, you just tried to steal our work and took the time of the community to achieve your own ends. And you never contributed to anything. That is why the community, and I, are criticizing your project.

  • I am really sorry this had to happen. I accept all responsibility for the damage I caused. Firstly, let me say, I am really appreciative of the work that you have done. When starting on this "RetroGear" project I was with a partner who kept getting me to mask Recalbox. If you check my facebook, I have since , fell out of terms with him and will not be selling RetroGear in the fair I mentioned. But there no point saying sorry without making amends. May I know if it can be ok if I took your words and say " RetroGear powered with RecalboxOS" ? Or is the community already too upset with me already?

  • Attached is a picture of the conversation I have with my clients. I take your words to heart despite being in the other end of the globe. This is the first time I am selling something at all and this is a mistake which I have made. I deeply apologize to everyone in this community and if your wish is for me to stop selling the product, I will do so willingly.

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