Hyperion for XU4

  • Hi all,

    I've made a research and I don't see any information about Hyperion availability with an Odroid XU4. If I had miss a post I am sorry.

    Patchnotes are not clear, I mean I have just bought and setup a new (fancy!) XU4 with the last version of recalbox and the patchnote is indicating Hyperion.

    Is it a common patchnote with RPI3?
    Is Hyperion working also with XU4?

    I've read few things about Hyperion and Odroid and things are differents (if i understood well an arduino is required) but maybe that all the necessary code in recalbox is already working?

    Thanks in advance, Christmas is coming and I'm thinking to my own gift 😛


  • @francois-p hey

    Hyperion is only compiled for Pi.

    Now regarding hyperion compatibility with XU4, can't tell. You'd better check on the odroid forum first

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  • @substring

    Thanks guys for your answers. I had already check the odroid forum.
    I can handle the Arduino part but I'm not confident with all the software part associated to recalbox.
    It seems that compilation need to be done...
    I'm not familiar at all with this part but at least I can try.

  • @francois-p depends on your knowledge of C, makefiles etc ...

  • @substring
    Close to 0 😛

  • @francois-p just give up then 😮 You'd have to compile hyperion for XU4, i have no idea if it would work. And if it doesn't work, you won't know how to deal with it. Maybe better try to find a tutorial explaining how to compile it on the xu4 ubuntu

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    hello @Francois-P

    may be help :

    I've an ambilight working on a C2 powered by libreelec, using an arduino uno and 118 WS2812B leds.
    I want do the same with a XU4 running DietPi
    I've successfully compiled hyperion following this how to
    Using the same hyperion config file as C2 with only change "amlgrabber" => "framegrabber"
    I've enabled hyperion service on kodi and configured to match hyperion config file


    # on amlogic platforms
    # as an alternative for the dispmanx grabber on non-rpi devices (e.g. cubox-i) you could try the framebuffer grabber

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