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GPIO ONOFF Powerswitch / Resetbutton Problem

  • Staff

    @megakoni no sorry, the fix is ready and should be in the next release.
    Meanwhile, you can try the script posted above.

  • @supernature2k ok thanks i'll wait then. I tried to implement (i'm a noob xD) the script but it didn't seem to run, so i don't know yet if it works

  • @supernature2k so i got the new update.
    Can you explain me how exactly the new power switch works? Reset button is i guess like 3 seconds of pressing down to reboot.
    But i don't know exactly how the power switch works to turn off.
    Turning on is simple, just switch it to on.
    But turning off it seems i have to switch 3 times, but sometimes it does not work.
    Is there a specific period of time i have to wait for the 3 times switching?

  • Also interrested here: looks like my power and reset buttons doesn't work anymore since the last update (X-MAS update)
    Any hints?

  • @megakoni said in GPIO ONOFF Powerswitch / Resetbutton Problem:

    But i don't know exactly how the power switch works to turn off.

    Well I managed to find out by myself: POWER button works the exact same way as RESET button: when Recalbox ON, push the power button during 3 seconds, release it --> shutdown launched.

    So according to me, you don't have to push the button 3 times.

    EDIT: to show they work the same way: they have the same code line:

    # grep GPIO.add_event_detect /recalbox/scripts/rpi-pin356-power.py 
    GPIO.add_event_detect(RESETPLUS, GPIO.BOTH, callback=button_pressed, bouncetime=2)
    GPIO.add_event_detect(POWERPLUS, GPIO.BOTH, callback=button_pressed, bouncetime=2)

  • @unik314r but i have a power switch, not a button. My Reset trigger is a momentary button. for power i use a switch (i build my raspberry into a snes case)
    and i use the system.power.switch=PIN356ONOFFRESET that was commented in the recalbox.conf.

    And by the way, how and where can i find this script? And can i simply edit it?

  • Tester

    Have a look here :

  • @megakoni To edit a file: have a look at https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Edit-the-config.txt-file-(EN)
    The file you're looking for is /recalbox/scripts/rpi-pin356-power.py .

    I Also use a modified SNES but don't like switch buttons (Recalbox python script looks for a status change --> going from on to off is the same as going from off to on and I find it not very convenient)
    So I turned the original power switch button into a momentary one (inside the SNES, a simple spring makes the button go back) so that when I want to turn on (or off) the SNES, it pushes a momentary button (that I glued inside the snes) and automatically comes back: that way, even if there is a general power cut and then power restored (or something else that electrically unplugs/plugs the SNES), the system doesn't boot with a power button positionned to off.

    But I suppose this is not what you're looking for^^

  • @unik314r thanks for the info. I also thought of glueing a button in the inside, so the "switch" then just bounces back.
    But i think i stay with the switch. I just really enjoy that satisfying click sound and feel of using that original switch.
    Then i'll just have to shut down switching 3 times or using the menu command. At least i get no shut downs anymore when i plug in something to usb etc.

  • @megakoni I agree with you, the switch sound is oddly satisfying :D But I have it on my original non-modified SNES :D :D

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