x86 recalbox with Mini ITX form factory. Will it blend?

  • Hi all.

    I'm thinking on making a x86-based recalbox gaming station to be able tu run Playstation 2 games. Looking at the hardware requirements - recommended we can see that i don't need a shi'load of hardware to make it happen. Since I have a spare ddr3 4Gb ram and a PSU at home, i was thinking on using this motherboard+cpu/apu solution: ASRock C70M1. The APU specs seems to be good enough for this usage.

    This mobo, used and in good state here in Brazil, cost as much as a newly imported Raspberry PI3(250R$) so i was thinking, has anyone done this kind of setup, usind a Mini ITX Mobo and running PS2, Game Cube and Dreamcast games with success?

    My other options(as soon as they become old stuff) would be simmilar Gygabite mobos with built-in AMD apu.

  • It depend mostly on how will you configure the emulator.
    Offcourse if you play with default graphics you'll be able to play with nearly any PC.

    But if you want to max out graphics you'll need a dedicated graphic card.

  • @nwildner my main pc is a mini itx which much stronger specs( i5 6500, GTX 760). It runs everything.. Remember PS2 is not (yet ?) part of recalbox

  • @Substring
    With this kind of setup I would be interrested to know if you can run GameCube games at 3x internal resolution with MSAA x4 and widescreen activated.

    I can only run it at 1,5 x internal resolution with widescreen without MSAA, it's already nice but heh, we always want more don't we ?

  • @xanarkan je viens de jouer 15 mins a mario sunshine sur linux (pas recalbox) : 25FPS constant avec la config demandée

  • @Substring Ah ouai donc c'est quand même sacrément gourmand, moi qui me tâtait à ajouter une carte graphique, on dirait que les perf' ne changent pas avec ou sans. Peut-être que les pilotes ne sont pas encore très optimisés, puis faut dire que Dolphin sur Linux a 4 ans d'âge vs 1 an pour la version 5 de Dolphin sur Windows.

  • @xanarkan nawak, c'est dolphin5 sur mon linux

  • Ho, j'me suis laissé avoir par cette page: https://fr.dolphin-emu.org/download/
    Okey ouai donc la version est récente, mais ça n'explique pas qu'avec ou sans carte graphique le résultat soit le même.
    Probablement l'optimisation pilote/matériel.

  • @Substring I know it's not supported(yet) but it may be in a near future :)

    @Xanarkan . No need to max out graphics. Running them at the default console resolution without fancy shaders or textures is good enough.

  • @nwildner too much to do, not enough contributors ...

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