Sound issues

  • I wonder, im using recalbox pc x64 and so far i tested in 2 diferent computers, and it works great, the first one i was using an nvidia card with hdmi, so i though that was the problem for my sound issue, the problem is, when i set up the audio, i only have 2 options, auto and "realtex,hd,hdmi1,hdmi blabla bla" so on that particular computer, setting up to auto i get sound but i cant control the sound volume, now on the current computer im using, it has onboard intel hdmi outlet, and on the sound menu, i get 4 diferent options, out of those 4, i only get sound in one of them. The issue is, i cant control the sound either, it stays at 0 no matter what i choose. So i wonder if theres something i can do to make it work normal, so i can control the sound from the computer. Im using a hp pro desk 600 g1 ssf. Thanks for any help.

  • @javier-sandoval we'll have a more in-depths look at volume on PC some day.

    Fror now, just SSH, type TERM=xterm alsamixer and play around with your volumes using your keyboard

  • thanks for the fast reply, i really dont ssh as is my only computer, its there a way i can do that from the OS itself?

  • @javier-sandoval nope sir 😕

  • If you are on Windows 10 you can just open a Ubuntu console and connect to SSH to your PC with "ssh root@xx.xx.xx.xx" and then the default password.

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    @javier-sandoval you can try to connect a keyboard, exit Emulation Station with F4 et then launch a terminal by alt+F4

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