Scrapper problem: "Error saving resized image. Out of memory? Disk full?"

  • @rockaddicted
    I'm using the latest version of recalbox, with a 64gb SD card installed with the Odroid XU4 and the image made specifically for it. According to my recalbox manager, my total storage is 56.5GiB, with 25.4GiB used up, and 28.2GiB free. I ran the scraper feature for a long while when I just loaded up some roms on it. After a while (say maybe 2000 or so images/data scrapped, I lost count), I get this error that says "ERROR SAVING RESIZED IMAGE. OUT OF MEMORY? DISK FULL?"

    So I went back to trim the amount of games I have on it even though I should have enough storage memory. Still, now the list should look prettier and more organized without bulks of games I likely won't be playing anyway. The storage I posted is exactly as it is now. I also removed saved images from some systems just to make sure (since I removed a large chunk of games), as well as making sure to delete the gameslist file in each folder where changes are made, and to rerun the scrapper. It gave me the same error.

    As of this writing, I went to do a full scrapping just to see if the error pops up again, but it appears to be scrapping my fba roms just fine now. I am leaving it running, and I'll update this post if it is successful or otherwise.

    The support file attached was made prior to running the scrapper again, around 1PM today.!AqnB_KQCWpBLgP5rgJF7KaMZfLXBxQ

    I will provide an updated one after the scrapping is done.

    UPDATE: 1:21pm - The scrapper stopped at 13 FBA games updated and 20 skipped (probably unrecognized or homebrew, I don't know). I went ahead and restarted it before making a more up to date support file via the recalbox manager. Here it is:!AqnB_KQCWpBLgP5sb47dTatSleXe4w

  • Hi, this issue should be fixed, can you retry and make a feedback, please ?

  • @rockaddicted It appears to be scrapping now. Since it's a lot to do, I'm going to keep it running. So far, it appears to be going. Will update later.

  • Mine was doing the same, but only on certain scrapper, cant remember wich one, but just skiping that particular image and the rest scraped just fine, it only happen with like 20 images out of 8000. I did scrappe another build i had but with the windows batch file and never had a problem with that one.

  • @javier-sandoval said in Scrapper problem: "Error saving resized image. Out of memory? Disk full?":

    it only happen with like 20 images out of 8000

    There is how many time ?

  • @rockaddicted I dont understand your question. Like i say, i was scraping over 8000 images, and once in a while the scrapping process stoped with the same mesage, so knowing that i had enough space, i just skipped that image and continued with the scrapping process, to after a while stoping with the same error mesage, once again i just skiped and the scrapping continued, same thing like 20 times, i gues there was an error in the image being downloaded not on the recalbox software.

  • Hello,


    When I tried scrap again, another message : "No system found".

  • idem....

  • Yesterday the web host OVH had big issues...
    50% of the French web was impacted, and of course... Recalbox (website, forum, scrapper mirror, etc...) is hosted by OVH.

    Should be ok in the day.

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