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  • Themer

    For my Blisslight theme i've been trying to update some Recalbox Logo's.

    One of them is the favorite logo. Any thoughts?

    Here are some of my creations based on the favorite logo.

    2_1509712395701_favorites 3.png

    1_1509712395701_favorites 2.png

    0_1509712395701_favorites 1.png

    .SVG files are available if someone is interested.

  • @retrowilly it's ... just ... NINTENDO !!!

  • Themer

    @substring Now that you mentioned it, lol.

    Edit* Not completly tho.

  • @retrowilly add an Alex Kidd eating his bento, hammering harry, a dinosaur from bubble bobble ... i'm sure you'll have some great ideas ;)

  • Themer

    Came up with this...Will work on it later :)


  • @retrowilly i would like to use the one with the stars, it would feet great with my theme Next Level.
    Thank for your work !

  • @retrowilly salut, ça me plait bien :) tu l'as en .svg stp ?

  • Themer

    Thanks, i will upload them soon. Need to get some arts working first.

  • Themer

    @gaetan @poumtaq

    Here is the link wich contains several .svg favorites logo's.

    Link: https://goo.gl/gYiaDX

  • Themer

    This is my favorite logo now :)


  • @retrowilly yeah thanks for sharing
    ... but the one I like is the same as yours, and isn't in your shared folder !

  • Themer


    You were right, but now it is!

    Remember it is .png instead of .svg, so you need to change your xml also.

  • @retrowilly so perfect ! done, it fits perfectly thanks

  • Themer

    @poumtaq said in Favorites Logo:

    @retrowilly so perfect ! done, it fits perfectly thanks

    You're welcome.

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