Use different keymap for C64 (vice-libretro)

  • Hello,

    I'm currently trying to connect a real C64 keyboard to Recalbox throught USB but a lot of keys are totally different from the default keymap available in VICE.

    Can someone tell me where are located the keymap files for VICE (like these ones: Keymaps) so I can change keys in relevant vkm file.
    I will need as well to know where I can tell VICE to use the keymap file I've modified.

    PS: Is it better to use pos (positional) or sym (symbolic) mapping?

    Thank you!

  • @c16-fan Can't answer that ... definitely not ... except say that probably VICE would probably have more options than the libretro core for such particular details. But we've gone the libretro path for now

  • Hello Substring,

    In the GitHub for libretro (see link above) there are many keymaps available for many operating systems (including x11 for Linux). Does it mean that keymap shall be selected when x64 is compiled?

    I tried many times to find keymaps in my SD Card (and even the kernal which is a core file of C64) so to me if those files are not visible it means they are merged to some library file (.so) ? Am I right?

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