@johnodon said in February 2019 Beta Version: @johnodon said in February 2019 Beta Version: Recalbox Feb. beta x64 (stock) Lenovo ThinkPad T430 Intel HD4000 Genuine PS3 controller connected via internal laptop BT Apologies if this was asked...I can't figure out how to search just this thread. NDS ROMS (.nds) are not launching for me...black screen then back to ES. I was having the same issue with Gamecube but remapped my controller is ES and that fixed the issue. However, NDS still continues to be broken. Is anyone else having this issue? TIA, John Seems that the Desmume core is missing... I changed the default core to MelonDS and it works as expected. John I manually added the latest nightly Libretro Desmume core to /usr/lib/libretro (had to rename it to desmume_libretro.so as the new naming convention is desmume2015_libretro.so) and it is working as expected. John