Adding Filename To Game Info User Interface

  • Hi All..

    can I make a feature enhancement request. After a scraper function completes and it displays the game info and cover art image in the game listing user interface screen.. can you add the file name somewhere on that screen as well?

    Some of my roms on a particular platform have the same game name listed multiple times. It becomes a long cleansing task for me to download the gameslist.xml file and open up it Excel to go through a cleansing process to manually clean out my duplicates game entries based on the roms that do work versus the ones that don't.

    if I had the file name displayed as part of the game info on the screen, it would make my life a lot easier.

  • I second this request, it's a pain to not know the filename in case you have the same title multiple times.

    @tdelios you should try
    it's a very handy tool to keep your gamelists tidy. also, I requested the filename to be displayed from the programmer and he was kind enough to implement this feature. I think it wouldn't hurt to have it displayed in recalbox/EmulationStation also

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