Scraped information not saving.

  • Hi all, I have scraped at least 1300 or so ROMs and the settings have been saved.  I was scraping my NES directory with 850 ROM.s that has never been scraped or 'labeled' before.  I get through the entire directory, and all my items are showing properly.  Once I reboot the RPi that one directory for NES reverts back to never being scraped.  None of the other game shares have shown this issue.  They all keep their respective labels.  Anyone seen this, any thoughts?

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    I tried to make a new reboot system in the 3.3.0 that could avoid issues like the one you are reporting. Sorry for that tough.

  • Connect via SSH or local root > nano /root/.emulationstation/gamelists/nes/gamelist.xml Check if the </gameList> at the end is missing, if yes add it, save and reboot. alternative: clear all content inside the nes gamelist (ctrl+k with putty) save ctrl + x, y reboot nano /root/.emulationstation/gamelists/nes/gamelist.xml copy inside:

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <gameList>   </gameList>

    reboot Should fix it, had the same problem with snes, psx and the gameboy gamelist.

  • Thanks Retroboy, I see all the activity in the newsgroups.  Much appreciated for all you and others are working on.

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