Emulators are not showing

  • Not sure if this a covered topic, but I couldn't find it. Most of the emulators on Recalbox 4.1 are not showing. It has files for all the emulators in it's folder, but do not show. Fairly new to this as well, thank you for the help.

  • @arcadja Hi
    I'm not sure to understnd you, but I suggest you read the readme files in each sysm roms folder to know which file formats are supported. Only supported file formats are displayed

  • this is a Recalbox OS 4.1 download. The only thing I have added are roms to the emulators that do display. Once it is booted it only displays 7 emulators, but if I open up the recalbox share folder, it shows that it has almost every emulator. I will read into the files more though, thank you.

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