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4.1 and screenscraper integration, config to get other scraping visuals ?

  • Hi,

    First thanks for the integration of screenscraper in RB 4.1, that's really awesome not to have to turn on the PC to scrap new roms !

    While I like this new feature, I'm not a big fan of the "composed visual" downloaded by default, The 3 visuals display is what I want but I dont like the "white glow" added to the screenshot on the back. Where could I change this profile by the ones availables on the Windows software, I just want the basic composed one but without the glow, so nothing fancy just the usual one.

    I couldnt find any reference to that on ES, nor on the Manager, same thing in recalbox.conf and basically parsing the whole drive 😄

    Thanks a lot !

  • @maldorhan Hi

    you could eventually disable the "mix" options, but you can't set anything more for screenscraper as of now. the mix is "premade" by Screenscraper for us, it's not meant to be edited like in UXS

  • Ok thanks a lot again, (forgot to answer here :D), I'll stick to the PC software for now then, but still, awesome feature !

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