PSX: Disc Change doesn't work anymore with 4.1

  • hey everybody,

    i got a problem changing discs for psx games. in 4.0 it was possible to change discs using the retroarch menu in game. in 4.0 you went to "quick menu" -> "disc control" -> "Disc Image Append", from which you chose the right image in your rom folder. that way whenever you get prompted to change discs in game, you could just load the image file.

    now in 4.1 whenever i do the same, the emulator completly restarts the game with the new disc. so it won't emulate the disc change but instead just restart the whole core und restart the system. this makes it impossible to change discs.

    is there some new method of how to do that?


  • Well, it seems that this is a RetroArch bug, not a Recalbox one:

    I know that the description of the bug say "Windows 10 + segacd core", but this is because the bug reporter only tested this behavior using Windows 10 and this core.

    There is no workarond and it seems that the bug was fixed on Retroarch 1.6.7.

  • ah ok thanks you for clearing that up. in the meantime i just copied the save file manually to match the new disc. thankfĂșlly final fantasy 7 creates a savegame right bevore swapping that you can load with the new disc.

    hopefully the core gets an update soon via recalbox


  • by the way, is there an easy way to update retroarch individually in recalbox? that way i might circumvent the problem until recalbox ships out a new version with an updated retroarch included.

  • @tifsmo Unfortunately, there isn't a easy way to update it. But, if you take a look at the Blog, you will see that more frequent updates are part of the plan make by the Recalbox Team 🙂

    It seems that you've found a solution to your save problem. What about if you create a symbolic link so BOTH discs can access the same file? Through SSH:

    ln -s /recalbox/share/save/psx/Example_save_Disc1  /recalbox/share/save/psx/Example_save_Disc2

    (replace ExampleSave, with the file name to match the disk, as you did in the first place. First file is the origin, second is the link you want to create).

    I think it should work, and you will not need to deal with copies of a file that you can miss what is the most up-to-date.

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