PSP odd issues

  • Hi All,

    I've been playing around with 4.1 and found that some DC games work much better than others - but for the PSP the menus and everything BUT the actual game runs lovely (lowered resolution to make it look better on my TV, using same as default DC emulator).

    This is most noticeable when playing either of the Wipeout games, meus etc are perfect - racing is laggy as hell and seems to be 1/4 speed, but once the race is completed and it's showing you the 'replay' - everything is working perfectly!?

    Is this just a general PSP emulator thing? Same goes for Tekken 6 etc

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    @matra well obviously ingame the emulator has a heavy 3D engine to run while in menu just a static image to display with evently just a few things like 3d models for the ships, so obviously ingame is much more cpu consuming than menus, nothing odd here at all

    same thing for replay where cameras are fixed and potentially precalculed for rendering, whil ingame you are free of your movements and the image needs to be recalculated

  • I figured as much, even overclocking seems to make no difference. Only game I've played so far without and issues on the PSP is Little Big Planet - but I guess that isn't very taxing!

    Similar issue with DC, US version of Crazy Taxi works better than the UK one but struggles a bit in game even overclocked. Most of the other games are just fine though

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