4.1 stable: Everything works except C64

  • Hi,

    I tried to load many c64 games (giana sisters, turrican 2, etc) The C64 screen comes up and after loading the game there are only flashy colors on screen.

    DC, N64, PSX and SNES work fine. Any idea? I don't think that all my roms are busted.

  • Am I the only one?

  • @marcdk


    how long you are waiting before quit to ES?
    .tap file?
    Maybe you must wait, because the c64 loading time was also not short ;)
    Please give a try and send us feedback

  • that's it. ;-)

  • @marcdk

    thats good :)
    Maybe you can "fast forward" the loading time....
    Hotkey functions are sooo cool ;)

    Have fun with playing

    I mark this Topic as "solved"

  • Personally I think that the C64 Emulation falls short compared to the other emulators. I have deleted all my c64 games because it is just not optimized for joypad use.

  • @marcdk
    Hi, Ghost n goblins works, i also played to 1943 and rambo 2.
    Most of the games seems to work. Sometimes you have to press F1 or space bar to start (using a keyboard is better).
    The main issue of those 8 bit games is that they are a bit dated, specially concerning the gameplay ...

  • I only have a 360 Pad connected to the pi. Do I need a keyboard? I thought recalbox is plug&play without a keyboard.

  • @marcdk Hi
    As far as I know, the problem is not coming from Recalbox... those 8bits computer system DO require most of the time to use the keybord !
    this is the case for the Amstrad system, and I suppose it is also the case for C64: when the game is asking you to press such letter ("J" to play Joystick, "S" to start the game, "1" for 1 player, ...) you have to do this with a keybord. Impossible to emulate all letters and figures with a 360 pad.
    I recommand you to buy a mini keybord, you can find some for 15€ on famous internet selling sites ;)

  • Themer

    @myjosito there's a virtual keyboard on the amstrad emulator it's mapped on X on yhour gamepad if I remember well

  • @voljega You are right.
    I thought it was Y, but I may be wrong.

    To be honest, I really prefer a physical kb, but thanks for pointing this out !

  • Themer

    @myjosito yeah maybe Y I maybe mistaken....

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