4.1 stable => PCE cd Castlevania Rondo Of Night Controls not working

  • Hello

    After clean update of 4.1 stable image. PCE CD Castlevania Rondo Of Night controls are not working either pad nor keyborad. Interesting thin is that the BIOS screen that prompt you to hit run is working properly. Any help pls?


  • @kelv works perfectly for me, i guess youhave aproblem with your CD image

  • Make sure you have your gamepad set as input 1 (player 1), as I used to have this problem with some games when I just left everything to default.

  • @n0signal I'm checking in retroarch and it seems to be ok!

    Controls (quick menu=> controls) is stating device type user 1 pce joypad. User 1 inputs are ok. Then in settings=>input=>input user 1 binds are also setup fine... Device type pce joypad and device index Microsoft Xbox wired pad..

    When I toggle from 2 button model to 6 on the pad is working fine too and states X-button mode for pad 1. However no other button work...

    Please could u tell me where u checked?


  • @n0signal @Substring paranormal activity... After back and forth the start button mapping in retroarch, suddenly... it started to work... Anyway thx to both of u and u can set it as solved!!!

  • I said hooray quite soon. Interesting thing... Pce games in Pce folder still have the issue... However PCEcd games in Pce folder are working fine now.... Any idea??? How can I check the input thing u told me @n0signal thx @Substring

  • @kelv I guess @n0signal meant to force the first player in ES, not in RA.
    Now regarding rondo of blood, have you made sure of the homogeneity between your .cue and your .bin ?

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