Using a non-usb based controller

  • Hi all,

    Is it possible on recalbox to 'hard-wire' switches on say the GPIO pins to then use as a controller/controller buttons? (switch to 0V with debounce cap)

    Want to do some hardware hacking and I know it's possible on retropie but I vastly prefer Recalbox from an 'after-management' perspective. I could always turn random buttons into a 'USB controller' and hardwire to the pi if I can't use the GPIO pins (which I know will work but uses a tiny bit more space).

  • @matra You can use GPIO for 2 players controllers in Recalbox, just as in Retropie (as it's Recalbox' boss who wrote the driver). See

  • Doh, must have missed that when flicking through the wiki, I feel so dumb now :(

    Thanks @Substring for the point in the right direction! Helpful as always :)

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