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Multiple versions of the same game

  • Hi all. I'm currently setting up a Pi with Recalbox.

    Currently I have a no intro romset for Super Nintendo. However I noticed that I have lots of double or triples of the same game but from Different regions. So say I have Super Mario World, I'll have a Japanese rom, a US rom, a Europe rom of the same game. Obviously I don't need 3 versions of the same game nor do I want my game menus displaying multiple copies. And there's also the extra storage it takes up.

    So my question is, is there a way I can sort all these games on my PC before I copy them over to my Pi? I only want to have the European version on there and not multiples. Also if a game is only available in say Japanese or USA versions, I'd still like to have these roms. I don't want to exclude these regions completely, I just don't want multiples of games.

    I heard clrmamepro might be the thing I need? I don't know much about it but I've heard it mentioned.


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  • @acris Thanks for that. I actually just tried Rom Center and after some playing around, it allowed me to do what I needed. I also tried clrmamepro but found it a bit confusing.

  • Ok so I cleaned up my romsets for my consoles and I have no doubles and everything looks great.

    Now I have to sort Mame and Final Burn. Obviously there's a lot of doubles, triples of games in these set which I don't need.
    I'm not sure where to start. Should I follow the best arcade 4 recalbox spreadsheet and sort my games based on that? is that document still up to date/relevant?

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    arcade requis romset non-merged.
    for aracade i think you need clrmamepro with dat file (parent only) (use WWW MODE to download file)
    it's in french but screenshots help

    or may be rom cleaner.

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    @eb2016 yes it is still relevant

  • @voljega Great! Wasn't sure if it was out of date or not. Think I'll use it as a guide and just take the roms I need.

  • There’s one method that isn’t truly running independent instances of a program, but it could be all you need. To open a second window of any open program, just hold Shift and click on its icon in your Taskbar. For programs like Word, Notepad, or Chrome, this will open a second window with a blank document.

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