Please help me find this font

  • Hi all. This may be very easy for the developers to answer. I'm trying to find a certain font to apply to gamelist text, that suits perfectly for CRT tvs.

    You know when a system has no folder with layout, arts, etc. it appears that Recalbox or Emulationstation applies some kind of "standard" layout: the background is white and the gamelist text is blue, lowercase and placed in the right part of the screen.

    I'm looking precisely for that font as it is small enough to allow many game titles and seems perfectly readable.

    If anyone also knows where is the .xml containing the layout so I can see the right size, because it is, for me, just perfect.

    Thanks in advance

  • Banned

    @pol all that is likely embedded in ES code as it is the default visualisation it reverts to when there is no existing theme, like you said.

  • @voljega thank you man, always answering so kindly 🙂

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