Need script help for Retroflag NESPi soft power switch hack

  • I modified the retroflag NESPi case with the guide by James White to add a software shutdown switch however the script in the guide is for retropie and I have no experience converting this script to work with recalbox.

    Here is the guide for reference:

    The main item I need to work is the power button with the reset button being less important. Has anyone been able to get this working and if so would you share the script you used?

    Alternatively, would I be able to modify the existing 'rpi-pin56-power' script to change the pins?

    Thanks in advance

  • @dan-zettinger there is already a script posted on this forum, have a look in the search bar ! Only for 4.1 !

    Edit : idon't find anymore the post :(
    It was a script with short press = emulator quit, long press = shutdown
    By @supernature2k i think ?

    Edit2 : i found it !!


  • I try to solve it so You have one GPIO set to high, that delivers 3,3V ... as long as this GPIO is setted high the mosfat delivers power. When does the GPIO not deliver power? Right... if the Pie is shut off!
    The cap will loose power and the mosfat output also closes.
    POWER cutoff
    press the power switch again
    the Cap colect power again = Switch should be as closed
    then Power to the Pi....

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