Shutdown from Kodi

  • My diy recalbox is working well but the only issue I'm having at the moment is when I am in Kodi and try to do any of the shutdown/exit/etc options, it usually reboots me back to emulationstation and neither my bluetooth keyboard or my usb gamepad respond so I just end up unplugging the machine. Is there a way from Kodi to properly just shut down the unit or do I need to always just unplug it while it's on?

  • There is no way to turn off a pi without unplugging it. You can reboot/halt. They are normally meant to run 24/7. My ps3 controller also doesn't work right off the bat coming back from kodi to recalbox. I have to hit the ps button to re-connect it. Not really much of a problem.

  • It's a known bug and should be fixed with 3.3.0.

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