Performance of IO

  • Hi guys, I guess if the sdcard speed could be significant for the emulation process. I know that IO will impact in loading time, but I guess: If the small roms like snes games are loaded up to RAM after the load process, the sdcard speed could be irrelevant for the gaming. Do you guys agree with me or am I messing thing up?

  • @luisvasquez I can't tell for big rom size systems (N64, PSX and beyond ...), but i guess most consoles up to SNES would load up the rom in RAM and never read again from ans disk device except for SRAM saves.

  • Every ROM up to the CD images I'm sure is loaded directly into ram.
    And with cd based consoles, e.g. the PSX, that had a double speed CD rom, giving a theoretical maximum read speed of 300k a second.
    I can't think of any memory card in existence that isn't at least ten times that speed so itd still pull data faster than the original hardware

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