Sselph Scraper Cover Art Storage Space?

  • I want to thank everybody for helping me my questions, how i'm getting the hang of everything and figuring allot of cool stuff i didn't know. Now i have a question about the storage space of cover art, right now at the time of writing this i'm doing megadrive and i'm about 500 games in, and i was looking at the properties and it says 500 mb disk size. is that the true size because it doesn't make sense because looking around before i came here. i saw a post on retropie and somebody said they had 15,000 scraped with a 16 gb card. but from the size on disk if i would do all 16,652 games that would be 16 gb wih cover arts. is the size on disk lying? or is the images really taking up that much space

  • @realazyria I don't know how you're using sselph's scraper, but it can resize pictures. If you download a full HD image for every rom, this will take up some place, yeah

  • @substring using it it the only way it can be used. i solved this by my self 6 hours later. found that it wasn't the true size that the picture was taking

  • @realazyria there are many ways to encapuslate sselph's scraper : fastscraper (you already know about it) and fullscrape, for example

  • @substring said in Sselph Scraper Cover Art Storage Space?:


    i'm using fastscraper,. anyways i got it figured out. anyways one thing, do you know the command so i can fastsfullscrape one system? it messed up on famicom disk system and i wanted to try it again. it won't work when i put the path to the famicom disk system folder instead of the roms folder when i do all

  • @realazyria read the fullscrape post, or ask paradadf for the fastscrape version

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