Difference between "rev" and "a"

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    I am trying to sort out my roms. I mostly use no-intro and if I can't find no-intro I use goodsets. From the goodsets I delete all the b1, h, o1 and so on, but I am not so sure about deleting a1 or not. I don't really get the difference between "rev" and "a1", isn't that the same? I have seen "rev" in no-intro full sets, but never files with "a1". Looks like no-intro deletes all the roms with "a" or is rev the same as "a" and no-intro just use the abbreviation "rev" instead of "a"?

    Personally I wanna keep the revision roms, cause sometimes they fixed a bug, but it looks like no-intro deleted all the roms with "a" maybe because it is junk or broken for them?

    Thank you

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  • Hello Acris,

    Thanks for your answer, I have read the abbreviations πŸ™‚ . It is written that "[a] Alternate : Version alternative, en gΓ©nΓ©ral elles fixent des bugs", so it fixes bugs like a revision does too. I am confused, I do not get the difference πŸ˜• , for me "a" and "rev" is exactly the same.

    Or is it more like that a revision is done by the developper and an alternate version of a rom is done by fans and the cummunity?

  • @afura alternative version is a cheat version or other things, [rev] is a new version, maybe the software house not exist more and another buy it or the same software house make a new version (there isnt upgrade for some bugs or others)

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    @afura Rev is an official revision by the game's developer (which dates back at most to a few year after the original release

    A are alternative versions, meaning it is an alternative dump of the game that's

    Always prefer Rev version when they exist

    Besides that, every alternative versions are pretty similar, they are just dumped differently that's all

  • Thanks gothrek and voljega

    I think I got it πŸ™‚ . Just to make it clear, let's say I wanna have only clean versions like in-nitro does and I can only find goodset roms, so do you guys delete all the roms with "a1" in the folder?

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    @afura yep. Keep them on the side somewhere in case where an a one would bot work and you would have to try another one

  • Ok good idea, then I will make an extra file with only alternate versions, but the rest like b1, h, o1 and so on I will delete. Just one more question, if I have a rom with a1, a2 and a3, should I only keep the a3 version of it cause it is the newest alternate version of it?

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    @afura i don't think the number means it's the newest one in all cases... Just take the first one non broken (no [b])

  • Okay, I will handle it like this. Big thanks for all your help guys πŸ™‚ it's a nice forum πŸ™‚

  • @afura said in Difference between "rev" and "a":

    Thanks gothrek and voljega

    I think I got it πŸ™‚ . Just to make it clear, let's say I wanna have only clean versions like in-nitro does and I can only find goodset roms, so do you guys delete all the roms with "a1" in the folder?

    there is another post (mine :D) with the same prob.

    this is my experience no-intro/or only parent with mame:
    Q1: first prob, FBA? mame2003? or what?
    A1: well u just know that are different sets, now i have FBA ( folder fba_liberetro and lr-mame2003 (mame 0.78) folder mame

    This is very important.

    Q2: The second prob, no-intro/parent
    A2: for FBA i use an internet link (i cannot put here) but just exist an FBA only parents (easy solution 1247 roms based on mame 0.167)
    For lr-mame2003, i use the program romlister for select parent and filtering for category (fruit, adult, roulette ecc) (2326 roms filtered)

  • I just found your thread, thx you.

    I always try to get No-Intro, I really like it, it has a very good overview. Goodset is good too, but personally I find it too confusing, there is too much stuff in it :D. I like to have a clear overview like it is done in No-Intro πŸ™‚

    I am tryng to get all the roms for all the systems you can get on the recalbox. I used goodsets for Lynx and Amstrad cpc cause I couldn't find a No-Intro fullrom set for them. Sorting out Lynx was easy, it hasn't much games, but Amstrad cpc lol jesus there are so many games and I am about to sort them out piece by piece. I am afraid to use a rom cleaner cause in Amstrad cpc folder I have found some roms that were only availble in [b1] and some only in [t1], so there is no clean version of some roms and I prefer to have a [b1] or a [t1] version of a rom than no rom at all of it. So the rom cleaner will delete all [b1], [t1] and so on and also the ones which are only available in b or t.

    Oh my god I didn't know that there were adult, sex and roulette staff in the mame folder πŸ˜• , thx you for mentioning it.

    Its a bit of topic but can you message me maybe the link for the final burn alpha games? I found a set, but there are only 32 games in it πŸ˜• , I use the 02.97.42 version. And I am not sure to put the games in the fba folder or fba libretro folder. I read a bit about what libreto is, all I understood was that it uses a libretro core. I only started 1 week ago to use a recalbox, it is still all a bit confusing πŸ™‚ , but it is a lot of fun.

  • @afura hi, with recalbox 4.02 u must use the fba and not the others (.39 or 42) its for compatibility, its very important. he same game in .37 works in .42 maybe not.

    for the other info, amstrad 2, i sent do u a pm.

  • Thank you for the pm and the infos πŸ™‚ . Ok then I will download the 02.97.37 version of it πŸ™‚

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