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  • first of all.. sorry by my bad english..
    i am with trouble with the video configuration, every time i run a emulator, and go to configurations, i need to change 2 things.. 1- video configuration 'integer scale to ON', because the screen is zoom in ,, and need to a litle zoom out.. 2- some input keys in user 1 and 2... when finish this modifications, i save (current and new).. but every time i exit the emulation.. and come back.. i need to do everything again...

    i need to set those modifications.. Permanently...


  • @aafneto what is your screen native resolution ?

  • When in recalbox its in 1360x768 but when go to emulator change Automatically to 720p... but this its not the problem... i just need to set the adjustments.. but need they stay permanently...

  • @substring thanks for answer... but my problem its no how configure the video settings... my problem its everytime i change the configurarion.. and close the emulator the settings are discarted ... :/ and need to do all again... :/

  • @aafneto You MUST read the documentation ! If your screen doesn't support 720p, then tell Recalbox not to switch to 720p. That way, no need to play around with some dirty tricks that are totally inappropriate for your case.

  • thx ... i already solve the problem :) rgards

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