Composite output issue

  • Hi there, I have done all the changes at config.txt in Boot partition ( as explained here to have video in composite output and audio in the jack connector, I am using Raspberry B. It was working fine. I made some test with a few games and then I disconnect to add a few more roms. Now it is not working anymore even after a new fresh and clean installation repeating all the steps ¿?¿? The current status is; I can see the Welcome Recalbox screen with the Loading text. After that the Zelda music starts playing but the image is black and I can not see anything. Also, if I do use controller to switch from SNES to next one, the music is not changing so I am assuming the controller is not working either anymore too. If I do the changes to go back in to HDMI everything works fine. Any clue about why this is happening ? Thank you

  • Mira una Pole!

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