8Bitdo SNES 30 Controllers Multiple issues

  • Hi

    I have looked everywhere for some help with this issue I am having,
    I have a Bluetooth Dongle and I have connected 2 8bitdo SNES Controllers
    I also was able to put one under Player One and One under Player Two.
    Here is the issue

    After not using them for a bit they turn off to maintain battery life I assume,
    once I sit back down to use them again here are some issues I am having

    1. The main page is scrolling to the left constantly until I hit the button and it stops

    2. That doesn't happen and the controllers have both un-synced

    3. Sometimes only one controller will stay synced and the other will become unrecognizable

    4. Sometimes when they both stay synced after only leaving them for 30-60 minutes they decide that the Player 2 controller is now Player 1 and vice versa

    I have them plugged into charge in the the wall plug and these things happen
    I then plug them into the Pi USB port and they happen as well

    All in all when I have to forget the controllers restart the system and re-sync everything they start to work properly again and everything is good. But of course when I am done gaming and leave them for a while this all happens over and over and over again

    Any help would be appreciated


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