Kirby 64 HUD Not Updating

  • I'm having a problem with Kirby 64 on the Mupen64Plus emulator. On all cores, the HUD does not properly display health and powers until you advance a screen. And even then it is glitchy.

    However based on a lot of google searches I have reason to believe that the default core, GLideN64, fixed the Kirby 64 issues a long time ago, and surely 4.1 April 27 Recalbox is not using a Mupen64Plus build that is that more than 2 years old. So I started looking into why it might not be working right for Recalbox and I think I may have found a lead.


    # Settings version. Don't touch it.
    configVersion = 5

    This is an incredibly, incredibly old config and it's missing a lot of options. Posts as old as two years ago were using config version 12. So I'm thinking maybe there's an option that can be changed for Kirby 64's hud texture problems.

    As an aside, libretro's core for N64, which I've read is based on glide, is rendering the HUD properly. The graphics look noticably worse however, probably because it doesn't have the nice sharpening and blurring filters that mupen64 is applying (I would love to know how to do that for libretro if anyone could tell me).

  • You can tweak settings of glupen64 in retroarch menu / quickmenu / options. Resolution by default is 320x240

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  • @rockaddicted Thank you, it looks much better in libretro now. Ideally I would like it working in mupen, though, since mupen runs better.

    I'm getting ALMOST full performance out of libretro, but it does hitch at times.

  • I'll bump mupen64plis standalone but not so close of stable release. It is a fucking pain to bump...2 sound plugins, 3 video plugins, RSP, core.... Everytime some gets broken....

  • @rockaddicted I don't understand. What do you mean by 'bumping' a 'standalone'?

    Do you mean updating mugen64plus by itself and providing a download link? Or will it not be updated until the next unstable build is out?

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    @kimmykaroo by standalone he means mupen is not integrated into libreto so the process of updating that in recalbox seems a little more complicated.

    The team is close to release the 4.1 stable version apparently so they won't jeopardize that by updgrading mupen standalone right now with few time to test it, it will be done in a future unstable after the release of the stable version

  • @voljega I see. That's a shame but understandable.

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