Libretro and Mame different keys

  • Hi,
    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
    I have a Rpi2, which I managed to get Recalbox running on....and updated on the network to V4.0.2.
    I added a bunch of ROMS in Mame and LibRetro folders as some of the games did not work under one emulator and did under the other.
    At this point I notice the LibRetro and MAME use different keys on the joystick or anything connected yet.

    So first off, can these be made to have the same keyboard mapping, and if so where can I find the details?

    I jumped ahead, and added my arcade joystick and a bunch of buttons. Problem is that the buttons and joystick work differently between the 2 emulators....well no real surprise considering the above 🙂
    I tried doing a config of the controller settings, and it turns out that was a big now quite a few of the games will not run. I then added more buttons to fully populate the player 1 input, and went in and did another config of the controller settings, and at least got some of the games to work again.

    So can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • @midworld08 hi

    First of all, forget about the keyboard, we don't.bother configuring it for emulators.

    Next : the way buttons are mapped solely depends on the core itself, and how it internally handles libretro inputs. You may eventually play aroubd with core remaps, but it will be a try and die until you match the button configuration of the other arcade emulator.

    Regarding you controller, buttons should ve mapped like :
    Y X L
    B A R

    You must map start select and hotkey (if you don't have a dedicated button, use select)

  • Hey thanks,

    So, do you need both Hotkeys on P1 and P2 mapped? Or can you get away with P1 only?

    OK so I understand forget the keyboard interface....but does my comment about FBA Libretro and MAME using the joystick inputs differently seem correct?

    Actually, FBA Libretro is just not usable. MAME works with the GPIO joystick config done inside ES. Libretro doesn't, so I guess libretro only works with SNES controllers and the like, definitely not with GPIO. So I guess I am off to figure out core remaps....which doesn't sound fun...

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