Mario kart 64 crashes

  • Hi, when i was playing mario kart in n64, it was running great at first, but after one hour playing (or so), the game crashes and the recalbox returns to game selection menu. Any solution on this matter? It does this every single time i play this game. I understand that n64 emulator is experimental, but i read some topics that says mario kart 64 runs perfectly, and i was wondering if it was the game, the emulator, the OS (i have 4.0.2) or something different. Thanks, and sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language

  • @Alejandro-Sánchez hi ,!
    That's a bug we used to have in 3.3.x because of the sound driver that didn't combine well with the video driver ....

    Have you changed the default emulator/core ?

  • @substring hi, i actually haven't change it, wich one is better for emulating n64?

  • @alejandro-sánchez can't tell, i hardly play. Maybe @rockaddicted can help ?

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