Issues with mame games

  • Hello everyone, At firs, thanks for help me with this issues. Well, I'm having problems to play with the mame games. When I choose the game and try to play it, the screen appears with a mame menu and I can't play with this game. Here is a picture attachment. thanks for all kind regards

  • Same problem here. I have a proper MAME 37b5 rom set but non of the games start. I always end at the retroarch screen like aaron posted above. I flashed the recalbox on different SD cards, used different PIs (tested on three different PI1 and two PI2). I also used mame rom files of a friend of mine which has no problems running them on his PI with racalbox installed. Very strange! It would be very kind if you could help me in this matter. Just get in touch with me if you need further information from me. Kind regards!

  • Well, I have solved that problem, copy + paste with a neogeo bios. but now I'm trying to play with the Tecmo soccer world 96 and I have issues because when the football game is going to start I can't see the players or the ball... sorry for my english skills...

  • Sorry but it didnt worked for me. Still landing into the RetroArch menu. 😕

  • I too am running into this problem.  I've been able to navigate to a game by choosing "Load Content" > / > recalbox > share  > roms > mame and then choosing a .zip file that I want to play. This seems like a pretty poor use case; choosing the game in EmulationStation should navigate RetroArch to the proper ROM. Hopefully a fix is coming in a new version of Recalbox soon. Thanks!

  • I honestly haven't run into that issue... but it sounds like maybe you have the MAME BIOS files in the wrong location? Just for clarification, not game ROMs, although they're both file dumps of read-only-memory (ROM, *typically), they're really two separate things... MAME is not your regular drag and drop emulator; everything has to be properly named (files inside zips, as well as zips themselves) with the right hashes, and in the right locations. All the info is out there, just have to poke around a bit. Cheers.

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