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  • Hi, im new to this distro, and im moving from RetroPie wich used a raspbian distro so I could attach an 20x4 lcd display on my pi as well as other hardwares, and access them via RPi.GPIO in python and use Adafruit's lib to access and write on LCD display. (i have a servo, a 1302RTC arduino module and a serial bluetooth also from arduino in others gpios) the rtc works because i use a C program to access it, so it was just copy and run. by the way, where is the equivalent to the /etc/rc.local in the /etc files? Can i create one it will work? I need to know what's the 1st file executed in the boot so i can put a line to run the rtc program. besides this, my power and act led are redirected via config.txt to other pins in gpio so I can see them out of my pi's box, the command to transfer them did not work. dtparam=act_led_gpio 16 dtparam=pwr_led_gpio 20 those are the commands passed on config.txt ty for any help!

  • Hi, I'm not an GPIO expert so I'll let someone else give you an answer. About the equivalent to the /etc/rc.local, maybe you're talking about this directory /etc/init.d.

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    Sorry pal but it's not supported in recalbox 😞

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