GBA Savestates ceased to work.

  • The savefiles on the GBA emulator ceased to work for some bizarre and unknown reason. Some games freeze, others reset, and some break completely (sound glitches and stops while the game is frozen). Savestates and loadstates also started showing a percentage when saving or loading, not sure if that's normal; is it new on 4.1.?

    Making a new savestate and loading it works normally.

  • Another thing I have noticed is that, for some reason, MSX games are not working anymore. Could that be a glitch?

  • 1 - during a recalbox update we bump many softwares versions (retroarch, all cores etc...). So indeed savestates may be broken after this kind of process. In-game legit save have most of chance to work.

    2 - in 4.1 we switched the default msx emulator (fmsx->bluemsx) that requires new bios files.
    Please look readme.txt files for more informations.

  • @rockaddicted Thanks! Glad to see I didn't break anything (if you can see one of my deleted threads, I managed to do something I shouldn't have. I fixed it by myself right after posting, though :P). Thanks for the information.

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