Can't rewind with psx games

  • Hi,

    I am not sure if this is intended or not but I just cannot rewind but can fast forward with any psx/ps1 game. Tried turning the option for the emulator off and on and no change whatsoever. Other emulators can rewind and fast forward fine for some reason.

    I am on 4.1 unstable right now, I was actually thinking of just reinstalling to the latest stable since psp games don't work too great for now anyways.

    Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!

  • Hi it is not a bug. Rewind option have an bad impact on emulation. So once rewind activated, if RPI can't emulate a system without slowdown emulation, we disable this option.

  • Well I did try the most recent stable version and the option is still here in psx, it just doesn't appear in the reteoarch menu in 4.1 unstable.

    Would there be any way at all to make the option appear on the unstable version?

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