Diagonals not working

  • Hi,

    I've setup a 2P bartop arcade using raspberry Pi 3. I have sanwa 8 way joysticks connected to the GPIO pins.

    When I connect just a single joystick with the all of the buttons, the joystick functions correctly. However, when I connect the second joystick with the buttons diagonals on the first player stops working

    Diagonals in the up-right and down-left doesn't work but the other diagonals do on P1. On the P2 joystick, all directions function.

    I have swaped the pcb board over on the joysticks but that didn't fix it, I've remapped the joysticks no go.

    This issue was on 4.0.2 and 4.1.

    How can I get the diagonals working on the P1 joystick? (Left, right, up, down work BTW)


  • @deepunder Hi

    I miss what is between the joysticks' wires and the pi, because I guess you haven't plugged your panel on the GPIO ?

  • @Substring


    Both joysticks connect to raspberry Pi 3 GPIO pins directly. I'm not using a PAC2 board.


  • @deepunder on what are you relying to say diags don't work ? could you give a try to sdl2-jstest ?

  • @Substring


    I did the test. It registers up down left right and for the diagonals it registers up-left and down-right but not up-right or down-left


  • @deepunder on what have you done these tests ? does blade buster (a NES game shipped with recalbox) allow you to go in diagonals ?

  • @Substring

    hi I got it working now.

    I moved the joystick cables onto different pins. i.e move the up wire to the left pin, moved the left pin on the down pin etc

    I re-programmed my controller settings in emulation station. This resolved the issue.

    all games in MAME and N64 didn't do the two sets of diagonals, very weird.

    My only guess is that it didn't like certain axis configurations in emulationstation.

    anyways, thanks for your effort and help substring

  • @deepunder Errrrr ... glad it works, but that's a misbehaviour while wiring your panel, laybe you didn't notice which switch are activated by the stick (usually on the opposite side of the direction). If you had to reconfigure your sticks in ES, then something was wrong and you didn't carefully follow our guides.

  • @Substring

    Nope it's odd. Before rewiring it, I did reconfigure it in EMU multiple times didn't work.

    Not sure why moving the wires fixed it as the 4 main directions were working. Very odd


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