Resident Evil 2 + disc swapping issues (PSX)

  • Hi.

    I've currently got a copy of a .pbp file version of Resident Evil 2 which I'm trying to use on Recalbox.

    The game has 2 discs. Leons disc (disc1) and Clairs disc (disc2) Any if you want to play either scenario, you use the corresponding disc. With the .pbp version you can automatically play Leons disc from start to finish but there's no way to select Clairs disc in the .pbp version.

    I've tried doing the disc swapping as shown here.

    However after I do that and click resume to exit the menu and resume the game, it doesn't load the other disc. Instead it just freezes the game. At this point I have to reset the game.

    I've tried this with 2 versions of the game in .PBP format and have the same issue.

    Does anyone have any info on how I can fix this?


  • Here is what I do with FF7: I always use the same bin and cue names : ff7.cue and ff7.bin --> that way, retroarch doesn't know CD has changed --> it uses the same memory card file and it works (at least for FF7)


    My 6 files (.cue and .bin for each CD) are stored on my NAS.

    To play CD1:

    I copy ff7_cd1.cue and ff7_cd1.bin from my NAS to /recalbox/share/roms/psx/ff7/ and rename:

    mv ff7_cd1.cue ff7.cue
    mv ff7_cd1.bin ff7.bin

    I play.

    When Retroarch asks CD2:

    I copy ff7_cd2.cue and ff7_cd2.bin from my NAS to /recalbox/share/roms/psx/ff7/ and
    I delete

    rm ff7.cue ff7.bin

    Then I rename:

    mv ff7_cd2.cue ff7.cue
    mv ff7_cd2.bin ff7.bin

    When Retroarch asks CD3:

    I copy ff7_cd3.cue and ff7_cd3.bin from my NAS to /recalbox/share/roms/psx/ff7/ and
    I delete

    ff7.cue ff7.bin

    Then I rename:

    mv ff7_cd3.cue ff7.cue
    mv ff7_cd3.bin ff7.bin

    It works for FF7...

  • @unik314r Yeah the problem with that is that I build Recalboxes for friends who enjoy games but no zero about how emulators, roms or much in the way technical. So get them to go and rename and delete files is probably asking a bit much from their technical abilities.

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