Game Boy Advance freezes everything!

  • Hey everyone,

    my Recalbox has been running on a Pi 3b for quite a while now without any problems.

    Now I´ve recently updated it to 4.0.2 and added some more roms. (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, PSX, N64...)

    After that I started to Scrape them as usual.

    One GBA rom made the system crash while scraping. After that I could not enter the GBA Game list at all.

    I´ve tried deleting all roms and just putting in my old ones. Still doesn´t work. The webinterface tells me it needs a
    Bios for the GBA. But there was one preinstalled that was working fine till now.
    I tried adding another one anyway which was no improvement at all....

    Preinstalled: a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6

    So now I can´t access my GBA games at all. As soon as I press Ok OR start scraping the whole system freezes and I have to AC-Fail it.

    Does anyone else have this problem or knows what to do?

    Best regards

  • why don't you remove the gamelist.xml file in the gba roms folder ?

  • @Substring

    Thank you for the tip.
    I just tried that but it did not fix the problem.
    Although I have found something because of that.
    After deleting the xml and all roms I added just one rom again to try and restarted my raspi.
    Still the same problem -> freeze.
    But I took a look at the gamelist.xml that appeared after that and it has still the old information of ROMS that are not even on the card anymore. Could that be the problem? And what could cause this?

  • @Substring

    Edit: I think I have found the actual problem.
    I added a rom with "ü" in the name (german).
    Apparently the OS can´t process that - causing it to freeze.
    RECALBOX Webinterface does not even show this rom.
    WinSCP does but if I click delete it "deletes" it and the file stays there.. cannot move or rename it either...

  • @Oliver-Daniel-Barth oh ! how bad

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