Easy get arcade controls/ joystick Issues

  • Hi,

    New to the forum. Haven't seen another thread that has this issue. I have a RP3 in a cabinet connected to some easy get brand sticks and buttons/ 32gb micro sd/ small speakers and the latest version of recalbox.

    Here's a link:


    The problem is having is the RP isn't recognizing them. I don't have any response when I try the buttons or joysticks. I have power to buttons cause when I push them they light up. What could the issue be?

    Does anyone here run their games strictly by traditional joystick and buttons? Can running mame and the other emulators be easy by using cabinet controls?

    I was thinking of just trashing the easy get joystick and button thinking an iPac would be easier?

    Thanks a ton

  • @Blade1 Hi,

    You should connect through SSH to your pi and check with evtest if the board is seen. Which recalbox version are you running ? If you're on recalbox 4.0, please read https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Recalbox-support-(EN)

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