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    First, I have added all needed bios. The place I obtained ROMS, all others have worked for all other systems. At first when I tried to place the MSX files in the folder they would not be accepted. I changed all of the files to end in .mx1. After that the files were accepted and I can see them on the screen. However, when selected the screen goes black, holds for a minute then goes back to main screen. Can anyone give any suggestions to fix? Please keep answers simple as I am very new to this and not super techy. If it involves rooting or codes i'm lost. Thanks in advance!

  • Hello There, Are you sure did you put all BIOS?

    CARTS.SHA d6dedca1112ddfda94cc9b2e426b818b
    CYRILLIC.FNT 85b38e4128bbc300e675f55b278683a8
    DISK.ROM 80dcd1ad1a4cf65d64b7ba10504e8190
    FMPAC16.ROM af8537262df8df267072f359399a7635
    FMPAC.ROM 6f69cc8b5ed761b03afd78000dfb0e19
    ITALIC.FNT c83e50e9f33b8dd893c414691822740d
    KANJI.ROM febe8782b466d7c3b16de6d104826b34
    MSX2EXT.ROM 2183c2aff17cf4297bdb496de78c2e8a
    MSX2PEXT.ROM 7c8243c71d8f143b2531f01afa6a05dc
    MSX2P.ROM 6d8c0ca64e726c82a4b726e9b01cdf1e
    MSX2.ROM ec3a01c91f24fbddcbcab0ad301bc9ef
    MSXDOS2.ROM 6418d091cd6907bbcf940324339e43bb
    MSX.ROM aa95aea2563cd5ec0a0919b44cc17d47
    PAINTER.ROM 403cdea1cbd2bb24fae506941f8f655e
    RS232.ROM 279efd1eae0d358eecd4edc7d9adedf3

    About games..only works ROM games format (neither DSK or CAS) but renamed to *.mx1 or *.mx2, for example: 1942 (Japan).mx1 / Arkanoid (Japan).mx1 and so on...

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