Wii Remote Plus + Nintendo Classic Controller

  • Hi,

    I'm new at Recalbox and quite impressed since I've installed it on my Pi 3 few days ago! 🙂
    I've upgraded to latest 4.1 to use internal Bluetooth and pair my Wii Remote Plus for using Nintendo Classic Controller wirelessly.
    So far so good, pairing worked immediately. Also I set up button allocation in controller settings and can navigate perfectly through the Recalbox menus using classic controller.

    The problem is, when I start any game, it's not working anymore in there. Wii Remote itself worked sometimes with issues, Classic Controller doesn't react at all in-game.

    Unfortunately I could not find a reason or solution using Google or reading the forum.

    Please help, it would be so nice playing wirelessly instead of using the wired XBOX 360 Contoller (which works fine though)

    Here some more details:

    • I have chosen Nintendo Classic Controller as first device in controller menu. Should not be the reason...

    • I use the latest Wii Remote version (for details read here in section "Wii Remote Plus" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii_Remote)
      This Version is also known for making troubles in Dolphin Emulator on PC and needs some workarounds.
      But if this is the reason, why it works so well to navigate in Recalbox user interface?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!

  • Nobody an idea?

  • I have exactly that same issue. I see that there's a related topic, but my non-existent French prevents me from understanding anything.

    version: 4.1 unstable
    system RPi3
    I can use the Classic controller on the menus, but the moment I enter the game, I can't use it anymore. The Wiimote can be used, but the axis is reversed (to be used vertically instead of horizontally).

    Thanks for your time!

    PD: Edited for typos

  • Hi @lhari84
    I heard some noises like the wiimote should only be paired with bluetooth but not been remapped.
    I didn't have the opportunity to test it yet but you should try to pair it first and then, don't change the controls mapping. Let the default settings and launch a game to check if it's working.
    From my last experience, I was able to pair it but I manually changed the controls mapping and the wiimote didn't work properly in game.
    I'm interested if you can test it and let me know ;-).

  • @manui31804
    Thank you for info!
    Yesterday I've tried to pair the Wii Remote + Classic Controller completely new and did NOT map controls manually then.
    Unfortunately the result was, that no game was starting anymore: Black screen, than witched back to the Recalbox interface.
    I had to remove the controller from cofiguration, then games started properly again...

    In the meanwhile I did a workaround, I tried a PlayStation 4 - DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. It works perfectly when connected to Pi 3's internal Bluetooth.

    Anyway it would be fine to find a solution for the Wii Remote issue. But for now, with PS4 Wireless Controller workaround I'm happy 🙂

  • I'm also having the same issues.

    Wii Remote + Classic Controller pairs correctly, is configured and works in EmulationStation. However, it fails to work with games. This is on the latest 4.1.

    I also had an older image of some 4.0 beta where the Wii Remote + Classic Controller combo worked with a bluetooth dongle. After updating that image to the latest 4.1 (to use internal bluetooth), the controller was only partially working. In particular, I had the following issues: 1) games recognized the controller as Player 2 (might explain why it doesn't work with some games), 2) Hotkey button was not working although configured properly.

    Since the controller appears to pair correctly, maybe this is just a configuration issue. Unfortunately, if the controller is not recognized in game (or the Hotkey button doesn't work), I can't even use the retroarch menu to reconfigure.

    The Wii Remote + Classic Controller is such a great combination for retrogaming. It would be really great if someone from the Recalbox team or someone with more expertise could chime in on these issues. Thanks.

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