Worms psx blackscreen

  • Hello again folk.

    Still got the problem that i get a black screen in some things i want to chose, singleplayer things, terrain create thingy make your own game scheme...
    Its rly game breaking.
    Is there any way to fix?

  • Hi !

    I don't understand a single word about what you're talking about ...

  • @substring

    My friends and me want to play worms in coop vs each other.

    When i try to start worms world party, i can chose between single player, multiplayer and options.
    Try to start the mission mode in single player causes a blackscreen without any audio
    When i try to play multiplayer i cant change the terrain thingy because i get a black screen. In multiplayer you can "edit" or make your own game scheme (like what weapons you can use) but i get a black screen too.
    When i try to change something in the option u get the blackscreen too.
    But i can play the training missions and i'm able to start a multiplayer game on any game scheme there is. But only one map isn't cool...

    For worms armageddon i'm sure i get the blackscreen for missions too but not for multiplayer.

    We are trying to play the game with most of the weapons or all weapons.
    Gameshark codes don't work too for all weapons, for unlimited life they work.

    And now i'm asking what causes the blackscreen?
    Maybe the rom is broken? But i tried like 3 different roms and all does the same.
    Is it the core? The psx bios? Maybe i missed some settings in retroarch?

    I'm using rpi 3b with recalbox 4.0.2

    Hopefully you understand me, my english isn't the best.. Sorry 😄

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