Problem with mame y street fighter ii :(

  • Hello friends, I have batocera and recalbox in a pendrive and, read the roms and files from a local hard drive, I can play all roms of the all consoles without problems, but with mame I have some problems, there are games that I play them without problems but with Others not, example the street fighter II - champion edition, games example marvel vs capcom run without problems.

    I tried to download the rom from different pages, from the images that are already armed with recalbox, from the pack of 0.78 mame, I inserted the bios inside the folder MAME, I tried changing the emulator by default, libretto, mame4all, mame0.78 and nothing, I do not know what to do anymore, Should I put the bios elsewhere?

    Thank you very much for your time guys.

  • @rolandog said in Problem with mame y street fighter ii 😞:

    I have batocera

    You won't have any help then. Batocera has its own forum.

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