Increased load time after upgrading SD

  • I've run into a strange problem with loading time after upgrading my SD card from 32GB to 128GB. Oddly it's only with N64 . Load times on the 32GB card are between instant to about 5 seconds. On the 128GB card load times are between 20 to 30 seconds. Load times for every other system are fine, just the N64.

    The only hardware change would be the SD cards, both are UHS-I / Class 10 and both have pretty much the same read/write speeds.
    32GB Read Speed 80MB/s Write Speed 15MB/s
    128GB Read Speed 80MB/s Write Speed 20MB/s

    I followed the Noobs guide for the 128GB card with guiformat.

    I figured I'd search/ask here what could be the problem and what's the best course of action to remedy the situation. Long loads a terrible. Should I reformat using a different method? Is this a problem with SDXC cards vs SDHC? Could it just be my card and should I buy a different one? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

    Raspberry Pi model: Pi 3 Model B
    Recalbox version (build) : 4.1.0-master-pi3-2017-03-23
    Micro SD: Team 32GB microSDHC(TUSDH32GUHS03) / Team 128GB microSDXC(TUSDX128GUHS03)
    Power Supply: 5v 2.5A Micro USB DSM-0525 w/inline vampire switch
    Controller: logitech f310

  • @PandaExpress
    Are you sure there is the same version of recalbox on the 2 cards?
    I have noticed that the load times have increased on all emulated systems from version 4.0 to 4.1 unstable.

  • @Pepe
    Yes, both are running 4.1.0-master-pi3-2017-03-23

  • we soooooo much recommend using USB sticks rather than big fat SD cards ...

    I can't remember someone having this same issue ...
    What screen are you using ? how good do you know linux because testing this would require some advanced knowledge ?

  • @substring
    Will try a Samsung 128GB FIT USB 3.0 (MUF-128BB/AM) after I back everything up.

    I'm okay with linux, I can use it daily and not freak out. I could hdparm and report back, I doubt the speeds are the problem though. Let me know what you need, I'll try my best.

  • @PandaExpress i wasn't thinking about hdparm, i was rather thinking about manually launching the emulator, which requires digging through the logs.

    For your USB key, just follow 🙂 There is a section explaining how to sync your key with your SD

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