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Tekken 3 Arcade Rom

  • Is there a way to run the Tekken 3 Arcade Rom in full speed? The PSX emulator works good, but the Mame Rom runs way too slow. I read that a newer bios will work fine. Is there a way to run in full Speed on pi3?

  • @funkybunch hi
    A bios has definitely no impact on performance ... Mame can't play smoothly tekken3 on a pi31

  • @Substring sorry... my fault. I don't know much about Mame. I read, that advancemame as core is better? The point is, that the Naomi System based on a psx and the psx game works fine. So the problem is the emulator not the hardware, isn't it? Of course a emulator evertytime need more power than the original system. On my iMac the mame rom runs better than the psx version i think. So confusing...

  • @funkybunch said in Tekken 3 Arcade Rom:

    The point is, that the Naomi System based on a psx.

    Tekken 3 it's based on Namco system12 hardware. What does it have to do with Naomi? Naomi system It is not related with psx or sony.
    Naomi system is a hardware independent of the consoles, created by SEGA for the Arcade rooms, anyway if there is something related to consoles is that Dreamcast was based on Naomi, aiming to take the quality of the arcade video games to the domestic lounges and Not the opposite.

  • Banned

    @funkybunch The Naomi board is alike the Dreamcast, but it's more the Dreamcast which is based on it than the other way around.

    Besides Tekken3 was released on arcade on Namco System 12, so nothing in common with Naomi, but the system 12 is an upgrade of system 11, akin to psx

    And like you said you don't know much about Mame and Mame is the problem here.

  • @Pepe Sorry... i meant Namco, not Naomi. You're right.

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