Slaystation- Horror Themed Recalbox.

  • Edit- Sorry buds, didn't know there's no embedding here. Here's the link: Slaystation

    Howdy pals, I made this back in august-september of 2016. I have to say right off the purpose was just to learn in the ins and outs of recalbox, so if there's something I could have mucked with but didn't please drop me a line and tell me what else I could have customized.

    I took pictures of the case back when it was newer, but never showed my work editing/personalizing recalbox itself. I thought I'd buy a capture card before I showed my work so my colors didn't go wonky recording a tv screen with a camera, but here I am april 2017 with no capture card. I started another side project it seemed to fit in so I went ahead and made the video and upped it to youtube. I call it Slaystation, I wasn't aware that's a type of vanity ( ya know those mirrors with lights all around them that ladies put makeup on in front of ) when I coined the name, but that's kinda funny so I continue to call it slaystation. It's Horror themed just because Halloween was coming up and I needed a pick theme to mess around with theme changing and what not.

    Don't worry about the channel video's upped to. Firstly it's still growing and I've very little content but more so because that's not the channel's purpose. A little while ago I thought it'd be nice if there was someone at least trying to curate fan made stuff so I made a youtube channel and got to work recording gameplay and linking films. I'm just saying there's no reason to feel obligated to thumb, or sub, or support that channel in anyway. That's not it's purpose, it's only purpose is to show people what is out there made by the people who love it.

    Anyway, I had loads of fun mucking around with y'all's very very neat OS. It's super easy to use, and the community of support is absolutely amazing. You get quicker help here than you do when you contact a service center for the stuff you paid for. It's awesome, y'all're awesome. Thanks a bunch folks.

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