Psx Worms armageddon/world party

  • Hello guys, i got a problem with Worms.

    To Worms Armageddon

    Me and my friends want to play it in local coop with all weapons, and there we are.
    I tried a lot today but i cant figure out how to do this without playing tons of hours in singleplayer.
    For the pc version it is easy cause there are two different editors for this.
    I tried to enable all the weapons over the cheats, but it doesn't worked at all... Only the worm name "WormAG" gave us some special weapons but not all.
    I only got infinite life to work, but thats not what we want.
    Read something about that two lines of code for gameshark doesn't work even some single line codes won't work. Or is this the "some games work some not" for the cheat thingy?

    Next i tried was to get the savegame, but its a .state and i don't know how to handle this.
    On the pc i tried to get a savegame woth epsxe but its only the memory thingy with *.mcr
    Can open this savegame with a editor but need some decent knowledge of hex to get something to work there... Even if i get it to work its still the wrong file for the recalbox. Is there anything to do?

    The next thing i was thinking about was to edit the .bin of worms to make my own scheme to get it done but i'm to stupid for this too.

    Any helps here? Am i missing something or thinking wrong about it?

    To worms world party

    Tried like 4 roms to get it to work when it work and i want to go to "user defined game scheme" it just black screen and dont work anymore. Even if i hotkey out of the game it still is at the blackscreen when i start it again.
    Is it a wrong core/bios?

    I was even thinking about make a windows card for solving this Problem..

    Greetings and Thanks for any help ;)!

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